How would one update Bluecherry Server Docker to the next release?

Hey, so I’ve just tested out the new way of installing Bluecherry Server with the Docker one-liner.

It worked flawlessly on my Ubuntu 22.04 system.

Just wanted to confirm, as I’m still on the Version 3 but running on the hardware directly as per the old setup script - What would be the process for updating the Docker Bluecherry server when a new release is available?

As, would a docker pull do it or would it break things perhaps? I like the docker way of doing things and prefer it - Just couldn’t find any documentation on the docker way of doing things yet.

The correct method would be:

docker compose pull ; docker compose stop ; docker compose up -d

Right now there isn’t any stable updates…you can change docker-compose.yml line 19 from 'bluecherry:latest" to “bluecherry:unstable” to test rc9.

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@curtishall Did you mean
docker compose stop
docker compose down