How to move to another server?


Today i need to move my full Bluecherry server to another linux PC. How should i do it to kepp all my settings, records, etc? The new sever is a fresh install of Ubuntu server (22.04 LTS). Old is also Ubuntu Server, but its the 20.04 version.
Should i first do a full fresh install of the Bluecherry server, than move the datas to the new server? If yes, exactly what files are needed to move, and which database, and of course how? Is there somewhere maybe a howto for that?

Thanks a lot!

Yes, do a clean install and make sure the version you are using is the same as the version on the new server. You can use the back up / restore feature in the web UI OR use mysqldump to dump the bluecherry database and import it on the new server.

The license key will also need to be reset, send me a PM with the license key.

mysqldump -u bluecherry -pPASSWORDHERE bluecherry >> bluecherry.dump

on the new server

mysql -u bluecherry -pPASSWORDHERE bluecherry < bluecherry.dump

In the meantime i’d done a full new install on the new server, and setup manually my cameras and settings from the old server (side by side in two window :smiley: ). License key is also moved, first i had disabled it on the old server, than added to the new server, and seems to be working.
After i checked the recordings, i decided to leave them, do not need it.