Ffmpeg CPU through the roof on new install

Any idea why ffmpeg would be using 100% CPU usage on a new install. This is on Debian 9. I followed the official instructions and got it installed (even though there is no coherent instruction list. One page gives you a curl command, while another page buried in your site shows specific install instructions for Debian 9).

Top was showing two PIDs for www-data/ffmpeg that were both running flat out 100% CPU usage each. My four core machine was running a 1 minute load average of 7 with these two processes. I ended up killing them and removing Bluecherry from the machine until I can figure out the issue.

I had only added one camera at this point. An Axis M5014 PTZ. I found its model number in your dropdown list so I added it exactly as shown. I selected RTSP as the transport method and not MPEG.

I thought perhaps it was the camera causing the problems, but then I disabled it but ffmpeg kept doing its thing (whatever that was on a disabled one camera system).

Strange. Did you have audio enabled? If you switched to constant recording instead of motion detection did the CPU load decrease?


I’ll have to try it again. I’ll reinstall in the next couple of days and see if it does the same thing.

Ok, so enabling audio for the camera in the Bluecherry admin panel brings the server to a halt. Everything runs fine until I check the audio box. I have to either “kill -9” the two processes or reboot.

Server runs fine if I don’t enable audio in the admin panel when I add the camera. However, once you enable it, its game over.