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I’ve tried a lot of different open source NVR software, and I’ve got to say that bluecherry is the first one that has my interest. Great work. It is close to replacing my paid solution, but there’s a few main features in the client that have me hesitating making it full time use (I’ve got a dev server running it for testing as you release new stuff).

As a note about my setup: I have 4 perimeter cameras that record 24/7 but have ONVIF events, as well as I do some OpenCV processing outside of it (for better intruder detection). On my paid software, I have ONVIF motion events and external events from my OpenCV software that can tag events for me to review. I also have clients on my HTPC for my wife to quickly open a feed if she wants to check something (mail man, fedex, someone at front or back door, etc). Right now, I have to run the server in a VM on my linux server. I’m really excited with what you’re doing and see potential for replacing what I’ve got.

Here are a few of the key features I find that I really have grown used to that I think would add utility to the client.

  1. Double clicking on a stream in a multi-camera view layout should go full screen/maximize the view (right now you have to right click and click open in window or full screen).

  2. No ability to view events with all cameras synced up (that i’ve found).

  3. Scroll or some hot key (or both) should zoom a camera feed in. I have high resolution cameras and often times will zoom in to see things farther away. I haven’t found a way to do this.

  4. Some sort of time line that allows me to skip through camera feeds while in my multi-camera layout, while keeping all cameras synced up. In all other software I’ve done, it’s easy to skip through from a live feed to history (if I want to rewind 10-30 seconds) while keeping cameras synced.

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1 - Currently you are correct, double clicking doesn’t do anything. You can right click and click fullscreen mode, but that is an extra click.

2 - Currently you can only review video from one camera at a time, this is something we would like to add in the future.

3 - dPTZ is not currently supported - https://github.com/bluecherrydvr/bluecherry-client/issues/264

4 - Same as #2, we would like to add this eventually.