Failed to recognize file format

Debian 10, three amcrest cameras installed. Experimenting with camera settings to see impact on file size. All three showed up fine on the client for a week. Now the client says FAILED TO RECOGNIZE FILE FORMAT for one camera. The other two show up fine on the client. Chrome connects fine to all three. The camera settings appear to be identical. the mp4 file that is being captured views fine with a viewer. Power cycled the camera, rebooted the server. I think I disabled the substream on this camera, but then re-enabled it. Any ideas?


Do you see any errors about each camera in /var/log/bluecherry.log?

Turns out the sub stream setting was 11 fps instead of 10. Yes, /var/log/bluecherry.log was reporting errors with starting the substream. Fixed that and all is well.


Strange…so setting the FPS to 11 broke the stream?

The other two cameras were set to 10. I don’t know how I changed this to 11, but changing it back to 10 fixed the error immediately.

/var/log/bluecherry.log reported “Failed to open stream. (Server returned 404 Not Found)”