Event Notification Options

So I’ve hooked a couple of cameras up with the beta, read through the docs and searched the forums.

I’m wondering if I might have overlooked something or if the only option for event notification currently is via email.

If so are there any plans to be able do something like run a script or do an http get/post?

This is planned in v3, hopefully we can have this added prior to the official stable release.


Thanks for the reply and that sounds great! This is the main feature I see that would keep me from converting. I currently use this to initiate object detection via deepstack and only send myself an alert when a person is detected with a minimum confidence. This filters out almost all of the noise on outdoor motion detection.

I’ve noticed a couple of things on the beta I’d like to report. Does it work better for you if I do it in the forums or if I open issues on github?

Currently the issue now with implementing the trigger is the event doesn’t fire until after the trigger is completed, which could be problematic for long-term motion detections or ONVIF triggering.

If you can post the issues (features / bugs) on GitHub that would be great - https://github.com/bluecherrydvr/bluecherry-apps/labels/v3-beta

We also accept PRs if you have something you want to add in :slight_smile:


Will a web hook work for what you need or do you need the system to call a script?

I missed the notification on your question about the webhooks but got the one you just posted a few hours ago. Webhooks are what I use now so yeah that would work great. I had set this aside because I knew I wouldn’t make the change without this feature and wasn’t sure what the time frame would be. If you are curious here is one of the use cases:

I have 2 cameras with a view of my front porch. One has a view from the side and uses the camera’s on-board algorithms to detect line crossing at the top of the steps or entry into a certain field (the surface of the porch). The other is a doorbell cam which use basic motion detection through the nvr software. There doesn’t seem to be a way to tune this so that it is sensitive enough to catch the desired events without some false positives. When an event occurs I send a snapshot from each camera to deepstack AI. I send a notification to my phone if a a person is detected in either snapshot with a minimum confidence level.

Sounds good. We have a couple more commits pending for review for webhooks and then we should be releasing the next beta release.

You would just need a way to receive the webhook from a URL.