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I have a paid and activated v3 license.

Rebooted server due to many instances where I can no longer log into bluecherry unless I run systemctl restart bluecherry (no logs populate but im looking into it)

when i try to deactivate/reactive my license i get the error “Machine fingerprint has changed since activation.” and deactivation fails.

How do I get back a valid license and have this message go away?

Edit1: would this failure cause my mobile app and SUBDOMAIN.bluecherry.app to stop working as I no longer has access to those now. I can still access my cameras via public ip:port


Try to delete the license key from the database and see if you can add it again.

mysql -u -p bluecherry -e "delete * from Licenses"

If not PM the license key to me and I’ll look at it

mysql -u -p bluecherry -e "delete * from Licenses"

ERROR 1045 (2800): Access denied for user ‘-p’@localhost (using password: NO)

Also, this can wait until after the holidays, I wasn’t expecting a response so quickly!

resolved via:

mysql -u bluecherry -p bluecherry -e "DELETE FROM Licenses"
enter password: <SUDO PASSWORD>

When applying the license it does prompt: “The license has reached it’s allowed activations limit.”

PM’ed you.

feel free to mark as resolved