Download of recordings limited to 4K when running as administrator and security programs active

Having a strange issue with 3.0.0-beta16 client downloading videos, this is on Windows 11 machines.
Clicking download it will instantly respond with a checkmark to confirm the video has downloaded. This is entirely too fast as they are 15-minute chunks of continuous recordings on the server. A .mp4 file is created, but is only 4KB in size, so seems to cut out early in the download, file is unreadable. Size should be over 100MB.
Doing troubleshooting, it does appear to be a permission issue in Windows but not entirely sure if there’s an easy way to resolve.
We are using Intune and Endpoint Security. Setting up an Elevation rules policy to allow bluecherry_client.exe to run elevated does work but doesn’t fix the issue.
Running the client with local administrator rights does indeed fix it, have eliminated antivirus programs being the culprit.
Beyond giving the local user admin rights (Users with this permission do not have this issue) or setting up a runas to run the program as a user that has rights to elevate the program, not figuring out a solution.
Just very odd as it’s just the recordings download that are having issues in the client and only on machines the users don’t have administrative rights.

Thank you for the detailed information. This is absolutely bizarre and could be hard to fix without installing Intune or Endpoint on our systems.

I’ve passed this on to a developer for him to ponder. Stand by!