Does this software fit my companys needs

i am planning a new surveillance system for my business it contains a 1392 TB raid array spread across 5 rack units a command unit with 20 16" monitors 2 36" tvs a keyboard and mouse a joy stick to control zoom pan tilt and a headset for two way audio my network will be mostly contained to itself but have outside access through a firewall to the rest of my network would your software support this kind of equipment
also i might be using some arduino custom input interfaces

How many cameras do you plan to use?

I don’t think there is any open source software that can handle this “out of the box”. Our client can connect to multiple servers without a problem and you can create layouts from different servers. However…we need to add dual streaming support to send a lower resolution video stream to the client so we aren’t lagging the CPU on the client with more then 16 cameras. This is a pending feature.

As far as a headset, we support one audio feed in live view currently, so you would have to pick one camera for live audio.

We do not support joysticks, there are some companies that make a USB PTZ joystick, we would need to get access to one that you would want to use to determine the best way to support this.

We can do custom development, so if these things interest you then let me know and we can work up a quote for to sponsor these features.


okay im using 24 cameras and i already accounted for a heavy strain on the cpu im planning about a 100,000 dollar security system overall so i compiled a pretty beefy system my cpu on the command center is a 24 core ryzen threadripper backed by 128g of ram and my joystick is just a basic logitech gaming joystic with 3 axis Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick and coustom development sounds great i know its hard to remotely veiw in h.264 so if its possible to store video as h.264 and veiw a live feed remotely in mjpeg that would be great also i figured only one live audio feed but what about multiple recording streams and one more thing the cameras i selected have microsd support i figured i could store a 24 hr backup on them right now im trying to pull in investors but once i do that ill have about 2 months between getting my hardware and needing to have it setup maybe a bit more should i just bring my hardware by so you can build and debug it on my system and comee back to get it

ill create a rough network map too

If you get time find us on Slack and we can chat more.

You can get your invite here:

I’m not sure what your entire plan is, but that’s pretty overkill for just 24 cameras unless you plan on adding hundreds more.


okay and i plan on recodi hd video 24 hours a day at 30 fps for 365 days and if my investors come through ill be able to spend the money but most of that goes into storage

A year storage is a long time… 3350TB atleast if you are using 5MP cameras.

Also, if you never plan to do motion detection then you don’t need a huge CPU on the server… A i3 or i5 would be fine assuming no motion detection… If not a lower end CPU.