Dockerfile anywhere?

Hey there!

Great news on the open source release. I will be installing this to test as a possible replacement to MotionEye.

I had a look around for Docker and could only find this one:

Is there an official Docker anywhere yet? Looking at that Dockerfile it might just need a change from unstable. to ubuntu. in the source file?


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Sorry, currently we do not docker support, it has been something that has been discussed but not implemented. Also, our repo is not /bluecherry :slight_smile:

Update - I reached out to the jstarcher about his docker support and let him that Bluecherry is now open source in case he gets time to play around with Docker support.


I just heard about your software, but on download page there is only downloads for outdated linux distro that I already updated, so I would be really grateful for Docker image so I can just run in on my Arch base OS :slight_smile:

A docker container is in the works, no eta at this time.

For the record, Ubuntu LTS releases (16.04 / 18.04) are not “outdated” they are long term stable releases:

LTS is an abbreviation for “Long Term Support”.

We produce a new Ubuntu Desktop and Ubuntu Server release every six months. That means you’ll always have the latest and greatest applications that the open source world has to offer. Ubuntu is designed with security in mind. You get free security updates for at least 9 months on the desktop and server.

A new LTS version is released every two years. In previous releases, a Long Term Support (LTS) version had three years support on Ubuntu (Desktop) and five years on Ubuntu Server. Starting with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, both versions received five years support. There is no extra fee for the LTS version; we make our very best work available to everyone on the same free terms. Upgrades to new versions of Ubuntu are and always will be free of charge.

Hey @curtishall I’m just getting around to Docker now and have hit this error on both 18.04 and 16.04

+ echo -e '\n\n\tProvided MySQL admin credentials are incorrect\n'

	Provided MySQL admin credentials are incorrect

++ whoami
+ echo -e 'Please create ~root/.my.cnf with right password like this\n

I’m wondering if the source code for this installation process is visible anywhere so I can better debug what is happening, so I can try to get a working Dockerfile created.

edit: SILLY ME! I was looking in the wrong github repo, found it:

Thanks heaps!

I got it “running” in docker on unraid

however it just loads the default apache2 start page, so I don’t think it correctly installed first time.


digging deeper…

ahh looking at the apache2 sites config I can see it listens on https @ port 7001

so if I map that port instead:




Great work!

Port 7001 is https and port 7002 is the RTSP port.

Whenever you are ready I’d gladly look at a pull request along with any steps to use this on a clean install so I can generate some docs.


Great, I’ll compile some instructions once I’ve migrated camera settings over from motioneye.

Is this an expected message when logging in?

Or should I be compiling from to get the latest version, rather than using the hosted deb packages?

This is fixed in the latest version (2.8.7), you can download that Deb here:

2.8.7 will be moved over to stable this weekend.


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Work in progress:

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Hi, I’m really curious how things are going, I don’t see any further commits in github over the last couple weeks. Hoping that means it’s perfect and you’re thinking about releasing it to dockerhub soon and not that life has gotten in the way of this fun side project.

thanks for the work @dtbaker
but the bc-server failed to start on boot
not sure why its doing that
no errors output no logs
but its a good start so far what you got done :slight_smile:

and @curtishall love the software … being using it for the last year easy to setup and use

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Thanks @zcworld :slight_smile:

I don’t understand how the dtbaker Dockerfile is working for anybody. The bc-server doesn’t start, doesn’t error out doesn’t log anything. It just doesn’t work. Also why try to run mysql and bc-server in the same container?

Hi, I just published a working docker file. You will have to build it. Right now it is using my private repository - it uses the latest build from github as I wanted VAAPI (hardware decoding) support.

When/if the changes are pulled into bluecherry I will release a pre-built docker image.

Feel free to file issues.

This docker file installs the latest beta version

Hello all…

Thx cor the great work again…i had to redo my nas and now was in the process of getting bluecherry back up using the docker script…
But when i try to do the docker compose after getting the git files it says the yml file is wrong version…any idea? Thx for any help

What is the distribution on the NAS?