Devices and Settings - Feature Request

It would be great if we could list the devices and some of the settings at a glance.

It is a bit cumbersome to remember which schedules were set on which camera. Specifically whether the setting “Use device-specific schedule for this camera.” was enabled or not.

An alternative is to set Schedule Groups so these settings can be:

  1. Easily visible in a list
  2. Easily changed around between cameras

I guess my other thought too was a bulk device editing feature. We’ve got 54 cameras (and grownig) and it’s a bit tedious to make bulk changes one by one.

Thanks, do you have an idea how to present this to end user in the UI?

Hmm I haven’t thought about it; I don’t feel qualified to give UI advice, but I could mock up something, based on other interfaces I’ve used before, which could potentially work.

It might be a while (like a month or so) before I can post back here.

Okay I’ve prepared a Google spreadsheet to arrange the settings in a new form.

A list of worksheets:

  • Devices Page (this is the Devices page that currently exists)
  • Camera Properties Template Page (a new page for camera templates for various settings that can be applied via a template). Can be overridden by a Device-Specific template.
  • Schedule Template Page (a new page for camera schedules). It includes a Default (the currently named Global schedule) Can be overridden by a Device-specific template)
  • Device Specific Properties Page (this is where all of the device specific properties go)
  • List of Camera Settings (this is a scratchbook where I listed all of the settings and whether they should go in a template or are device specific)

Here are my notes regarding the various pages:

Devices Page (I only focused on IP cameras)

  • List should be sortable and Searchable (search bar). I.e. can arrange by camera name alphabetically, or by any of the column fields (maybe)
  • Can select individual or All items in the list
  • Can clone a camera from here (it will take all settings, except those that would interfere with the previous camera, like hostname / ip)

Other Notes

  • All templates can also be transformed to be device-specific.
  • May want a page listing all of the camera properties templates. Not sure if device-specific-properties should only be visible from each cameras page.
  • May want a page listing all of the Schedule templates.

I dunno, that’s all the thoughts I had so far. I’m pretty tired, so I probably missed many important details. Let me know what you think.