Demo Edition vs Community Edition


I’ve started up a couple Bluecherry servers to play around with on different distros, hoping to replace my clients’ current Unifi NVRs. So far so good and I’m really liking the functionality. I hope to verify the server stability and start implementing them in production.

I am confused on how to specify the Demo vs Community editions. It seems to be random or distro-based. How do I specify which to use? I want to trial this for stability testing for longer than 30 days and it seems some installations default to Community edition and some to Demo edition for 30 days.

Thanks for any insight!

In the beginning of Version 2 the server was closed source so we offered a 30 day demo. We opted to release the server open source and removed the 30 day hard limit and instead remind you that you are using the community edition and ask that you pay for a support license.

I hope that helps