Delete recordings

Hi, I just installed the beta 3 and my first impression is pretty good. The setup was straight forward and my test camera is working as expected. There’s only one thing that drives me crazy right now. Maybe I’m just stupid but I can’t find a way to delete recordings. I was playing around with continuous and motion event recording and want to get rid of the “test videos” but don’t know how. Or is deleting the files on the hard drive the way to go?

Yes, we do not support deleting videos from the UI. This is mainly for business customers who don’t want any video deleted and instead want the videos to time out (deleted when space is needed).


Thank you for the quick reply!
So can I safely delete the files? Or do I have to write a script which involves the mysql database? If that’s the case, is it safe to alter the database while the server is running?

You can delete the files on the disk. If you want to clean up the database you can empty the EventsCam table