CPU usage problem

I just installed BluecherryDVR in order to test it.
After a correct installation, the setting of 4 cameras, everything works fine. CPU usage 10%
CPU usage increased to 90% after reboot
Have you ever encountered this problem?
What are the minimum specifications for bluecherry DVR?

thank you for your answers

if you have like htop installed
you can see what program is using a lot of CPU up
but i only seen it that high level when using server side motion detection

Performance is correlated to many variables, it depends on the number of camera, decoding profile on the stream, motions and resolution.

For 1080P resolution on a medium decoding profile, I would say you need 1 core per camera additional to what the operating system requires. Take into consideration unrelated event/app will happen during the recording.

Frequency and RAM should be something reasonable to the OS

simple info …
like OS
like Ubuntu server

is it just running bluecherryDVR only ?

are you using bluecherry client on the same test box ?

Motion detection is very CPU intensive, even with optimizations we’ve made over the years. Are you using motion detection?

If you switch the schedule to constant recording and wait a few minutes is CPU usage still 100%? What are the specs of the system? Which IP cameras (manufacturer / make) are you using?