Continuous with motion detection?


I seem to recall reading that a recently released version of Beta 3 included support for marking motion events during continuous recording, is this correct? If so, how do I enable this?

If not, then what did I misunderstand?

We added the backend code but the client needs this functionality added. I don’t have a good ETA on when the client will support this feature.

When you say “added the backend code”, do you mean you laid the foundation to have it working on the server side someday, or do you have all of the server code working now - including the ability to enable the functionality in the web ui, but don’t have the client updated to the point that we can “see” the markers at this time?

Or perhaps somewhere in-between? I gather it is the second option above?

The code has been laid out, but there is no web UI option. There won’t be a web UI option until the client is updated to parse the date in a timeline, otherwise there isn’t much use for this option.

I respectfully disagree, but only slightly. There is very little use for a Web UI option. Even though one can’t see the markers now, once the client updates are complete, one could go back and see the markers after the fact. Still, I’m not sure this would be a popular enough option to warrant the extra work to allow enabling it, but I’ve been surprised before.

Oops. I misread your previous post. I see the error now. Sorry.