Connecting Bluecherry IOS APP remotely to server

Hi All,

I am trying to connect the Bluecherry IOS app to my server remotely (ie not on my network). I have a full license for my cameras, I have opened up port 7001-7003 on my router but when I try to input the credentials to connect to the server (use the external IP address that the ISP provides) I get “Network Request Failed” on the app as an error.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Can you PM me login details to the server so I can look at it?

Hi Curtis,

Not sure how to PM in this forum. Clicked on your name and don’t see how to do it. Why would you need login details for my server? I made sure the ports are viewable from the outside so I know my port fwd works. On the app I input the ISP IP address, and the same username and password that I use when I am on my network and it doesn’t want to connect.

Because ‘Network Request Failed’ isn’t helpful and could be a list of things. I can connect with debugging enabled in the iOS app and see where the problem might be (inside the app or a networking issue).

Sounds good. Still can’t see how to PM you. Maybe send me a PM and I can reply with the info you need.

Make sure you are forwarding traffic on ports 7001-7003 to your bluecherry server, rather than just opening up those ports on your router/firewall.