Compression or Similar?


Is there any way to adjust the recordings to compress or only save at a smaller FPS? Or do I need to adjust this on each camera directly?

In order to optimize CPU and memory we do not transcode the video, so whatever the camera is producing (MJPEG / H264 / H265) we save to disk. So, you would need to change each camera to H265 or H.264.

I would suggest setting up one camera the way you want it (resolution, H264/H265, FPS, bitrate and verify audio isn’t causing a problem with the recording then use that as a template for the others.

Note - The web UI will not play H.265 videos, you have to use the client.

Thanks for that update. I appreciate it.

Is it possible that there will be H.265 playback in the future?

There is H.265 playback now in the client. Most browsers do not support H.265 natively, so transcoding would have to take place in the browser which is CPU intensive.