Clean install leads to web page error

I’ve just followed the video instructions to install version 3 but when opening the UI all I get is a blank page with “Fatal error: could not read configuration file.”

I’m installing on a clean Proxmox VM of Ubuntu 22.04 LTS server. I can post the install output if required but nothing seems amiss in the data that I can pick up on.
Could i get ideas to help trace the issue p;ease.

Did you use the docker method or this installation method:

sudo bash -c "$(curl -s"

Docker method is much preferred:

  sudo bash -c "$(curl -s"

Hi Curt, I used the first method. I discovered that for some reason the Proxmox VM had to be completely shut down and re-started. After that things behave.
I didn’t try to set up in docker as right now I don’t have a machine provisioned with docker that’s powerful enough for this app, even though it’s just 2 cameras.
Very impressive software BTW, one issue and a couple of ideas though, saving the layout of the live view widow doesn’t seem to preserve the choice of camera layout, it resets to blank whatever I try.
What I’d really like to see added would be a clickable time line to show where motion captured events occur, that would speed navigation. The other idea would be to authenticate users via LDAP (AD). Just a thought but there are so many things to log into the more things I can centralise to LDAP the easier life becomes.

Thanks. The web view saving layouts is a known issue (Web live view layouts are not saved across sessions · Issue #587 · bluecherrydvr/bluecherry-apps · GitHub)

The Version 3 client allows a timeline view in the client: Release v3.0.0-beta10 · bluecherrydvr/unity · GitHub

Thank you Curtis,
I’ve downloaded the beta 10 package but it doesn’t have a .deb in it. Is there a howto guide to installing it over the beta 9 version please?

Sorry, try this version: