Clarification from the v3.0.5 announcement email

Hey Curtis I got your email today about servr 3.0.5 release. Question on the topic of the upcoming Continuous recording and motion detection feature.

“Motion detection AND continuous recording! You’ve asked for it and we’ve implemented most of the work on the server backend. Improves in the client and web interface for displaying this on a timeline is coming later this year.”

Am I understanding that this is support for continuous recording with motion detect alerts so we can have the full continuous recording but not necessarily need to scan through hours of video to find an event?

Also thanks for the discount offer for upgrading to V3. I have an existing 4cam license i want to upgrade and ill need a second 4cam license stacked on. Can I do a single transaction on the web cart or is it easier to set me up out of band?

Yes! We will support constant recording + motion detection markers. This will save you, and many customers, some headaches when trying to search a days worth of events

To quote the words of the great Chaplain Forgy aboard the USS New Orleans:
“Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition” :slightly_smiling_face:

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