Can't load the WEB GUI

I have a fresh new Linux install (Ubuntu Server 22.04.04) in Virtual Box to show a demo to our customer, but it won’t load up when coming to the web GUI. When accessed through the IP address, it prompts a message saying that:
Fatal error: could not read configuration file.

i used this command to install Bluecherry on Ubuntu:
sudo bash -c “$(curl -s”

When the installation is completed, a message appears in the terminal:
Error response from daemon: driver failed programming external connectivity on endpoint bc-server (871b3bbc930e1c8e98da02b47fdb4f9ec08422f34bf70441879b4775e5623680): Error starting userland proxy: listen tcp4 bind: address already in use

I need your help to fix this. This Friday, I need to show the demo to my customer. Thank you

This indicates something is already using port 7002.

Did you install the package version AND docker?

Run these commands:

docker ps

dpkg -i bluecherry

Hi Curt,

Yes i installed both. As attached

Hi Curt,

I really need your help with this. We need a demo for our customer.

Can you PM me the ssh access to this system? I’ll login and look at it.

You can also run these commands to see what is listening on port 7002 that is causing the problem.

sudo lsof -i -P -n | grep LISTEN |grep 7002
sudo netstat -tulpn | grep LISTEN |grep 7002
sudo ss -tulpn | grep LISTEN |grep 7002
sudo lsof -i:7002
sudo nmap -sTU -O