Cannot view Live Camera Straem 3.0.0-beta12

Not sure what other debugging information I can provide. I looked through the windows installation directory and did not see any log files.

Streaming Type: RTSP
RTSP Protocol: UDP


Ok I checked the server configuration, which I never had to worry about with v2:

It is set to HLS.

I changed it to be the same on the client:

As far as firewall rules are concerned, the endpoint which is hosting the client has all:all firewall privileges, being an administrative one, so there should be no problem there. The v2 client works from the same endpoint.

Live view shows as Loading:

Okay, the HLS setting is just for web live view, it’s nothing that matters to the client.

Can you try an older version of the client ( to see if you have the same problem?

Can we get remote (ssh) access to this server?

The older client has the same issue.

I DM’d you regarding ssh access.