Cannot add NFS storage on Bluecherry (V3)

On Bluecherry V2, I was able to use NFS storage in Bluecherry. After upgrading to V3, Bluecherry refuses to add this storage. The error is: “Specified directory “/mnt/surveillance/bc” exists, but is not readable.”

The mount and directory:

  • Are empty
  • Are readable (to the bluecherry user)
  • Do NOT belong to the bluecherry user/group.

The bluecherry user has r/w access to the directory (verified using su) but does not own it. Is that actually a requirement? Under Bluecherry V2 this was not an issue. I’m not able to sync up uids/gids between the server and the NAS, so I am hoping for a workaround.

Thanks for the post. RC3 is set to be released tonight but I’ve sent this fix for RC4.