Camera video storage

for some reason one of my cameras has started to save it’s recordings as text documents even through it ends with mp4. Anyone every experience this?

I realize what caused this allthough I don’t know why. I had made up a new ID for the camera after first disabling the old one. I works fine untill you delete the old camera id. So after much trial and error I deleted the old camera id first then configured the new camera id. now its working.

Did you do all this from the web UI or did you alter the mysql tables?

Hi Curtis, it’s been awhile. My system upgraded without me realising it to the 3:3.1.0 . to be honest everything had been operating without a problem. Only one of my 4 cameras was not recording infact it wasn’t showing up in the playback list. but was fine on live view. I am working from server with the web browser.