Camera Recommendations

I wanted to ask the forum for recommendations of an inexpensive camera (preferably wireless capable) that just works out of the box. I’ve purchased several China cheapies off of Amazon in an attempt to get a multi-camera system working around my home but all have required either use of their sketchy cloud-based client/server software that I don’t want to have tied to my network, most don’t even have documentation for or support capability for NVR/live view. Can anyone recommend a good camera they are happy with that shows up when searching with Bluecherry and has actual documentation that provides the end user with rtsp or onvif paths? Ideal cost would be ~$50 each but am willing to spend more if the device is worth the extra coin.

Thank you

does it have a web UI to setup the camera with a live view
( they should )
than use onvif device manager to find live view rtsp streaming path

i did that one some of mine

No, no web UI otherwise I’d go that route. The one I have now goes to a 401 error page yet works fine thru the shady cloud software, probably could figure something out with some Wireshark snooping or similar but would prefer a device that just works without extreme hurdles.

Take a look at Amcrest cameras. Although we only use the wired version; we’ve had good luck with them. They may be a little bit above your goal price (by $10-20 for the 2K wireless ones), but I know our wired ones are sharp and have so far been very reliable - all currently powered via PoE.

We use the IP8M-T2499EW-28mm 8MP (4K) indoor/outdoor camera in 2K mode @15fps. Keep in mind, they should work with BC 2.x, I’m using the 3.x beta which currently has broken live view on the web page although using the application works great so I can’t completely verify the live view portion. Of our 30 cameras, we have 12 hikvision outdoor bullet cameras and 18 of these in place (with about 15 or 20 more in boxes waiting to be put up). I’m paranoid about security with cameras so they sit on an isolated VLAN and can only communicate with the NVR (which also acts as a time server to keep all of the cameras in time sync). I completely configured them off line. But I’ve tried these cameras on BlueCherry, BlueIris, Shinobi Video and NxWitness without any real issues (I’ll admit, NxWitness was the easiest to setup, but gets REAL expensive REAL fast; and as a school I have not been able to get that budgeted from my president)

Now, obviously I can’t comment on the wifi versions of their cameras - which I know you would prefer wifi - but I have a feeling their configuration software isn’t too different so once it’s on your wifi you probably can open a web browser to its internal web page. I’m sure there are some videos on YouTube demoing that type of functionality.

Thank you Tony for the detailed information, I can use PoE for some locations I have planned for camera positioning but there are others that running the cable would prove very difficult and the WiFi option makes the most sense logistically. For the reliability and ability to maintain solo control, I am willing to pay more and will shop this brand and their available models.

Good luck, hopefully something will fit your needs. I don’t know if it will allow the full resolution, but here is a sample snap from one of our labs. Keep in mind, we only record at 4mbps to keep storage usage down until I can get a budget for some more. The standard RTSP port for the main feed link (ie: path to rtsp is /cam/realmonitor?channel=1&subtype=0&unicast=true&proto=Onvif ) which I just copy and paste between the amcrest and I think it’s the standard path for most of their current IP cameras.