Camera Numbering / Renumbering

It appears cameras are assigned a number in the order they are added. If you have two cameras, then delete one or both, the next camera is numbered 000003, and that determines the subdirectory name for the data files. For multiple locations and the possibility of replacing cameras, is there a way to give a camera a specific number instead of the next numeric one? Or does that needed to be done in the database after the fact?

Devices are auto incremented in the Devices mysql table. The reason for this is if you delete or disable a camera you may still want to obtain those recordings. You can try to update the Devices table, but use caution as other tables reference the device id

You can change the camera name, you can change the IP. Wouldn’t it be easy to make the file directory name able to be specified as well? If you need to replace a camera for some reason, the files in the server directory with the old and new camera change would both remain available in that directory. You could still default to the camera ID when a camera was added…