Camera Detection progress indicator?

Hello, once you have a solid stable Ver. 3, it might be nice to add a little function in the Camera Detection utility to display the I.P. addresses as it is in progress scanning. When I first went to scan, I pressed the button and looked like nothing was going on. So maybe some means to indicate it has an active scan running as it is scanning the subnet might be great. Also maybe a feature to it, for one to manually type in the I.P. range you want it to scan on as well as the TCP/UDP port number as well. As I read the scan typically is scanning on the default port 80.

Interesting idea. I’ll add that to the development list. We are working on revamping the onvif detection and how devices are detected.

Thank you. No hurry but thought if you could set the I.P. range and in the cases of where cameras are not using port 80 for the onvif, one could tell it what port to scan on for the onvif . Love the 3.0 DRV, Things are coming back to me from the 2.0 when I ran it and love all the new features and improvements.