Bluecherry Mobile


Just wondering when why when I select an event in the mobile app, it doesn’t stream the video, it just has a large refresh arrow in the middle of the screen. Should it be able to display playback?


Are you using the Android or iOS? Can I get the remote login details so I can connect with my mobile app?

Hi Curtis,

user and password are XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
running it on Iphone so IOS. Have the latest software for both phone and app.

Thanks again

Strange…this is working just fine for me. I’m looking at Front 1 with a Luno boat cover

I can view the cameras. I go to events assuming it is a playback of when an event like motion happened and all I see is the refresh arrow and not the playback video.

Got it. Can you run ‘sudo service bluecherry restart’ and see if the problem goes away? Can you login to the web UI without any issues or does it time out?

I have no issues on the web UI. I can view the playback on it with no issue.