Bluecherry mobile application is under development, here is how you can help!

On January 30, 2021 we officially started development of our iOS (iPhone / iPad) and Android mobile application. Changes in version 3 allowed us to get to a point that we were ready to start on the mobile application.

As always we have a goal to provide a smooth and intuitive experience on an open source platform to Bluecherry users. While we have enough funding to get started on the project, it may not be enough to grow at the rate we feel our users deserve.

Funding from this mobile application will go towards the mobile application and some work on the server side to add API support for motion detection notifications.

You can help support our mobile app development on Indiegogo! (Bluecherry - Mobile client | Indiegogo)

Do you need (want) beta testers? I’m not sure if I can contribute financially right now. Perhaps there are other ways to contribute?

I’d like to buy a server from you to help support development, but the model on indiegogo isn’t quite upgradable enough for my needs. I put in a ticket over on your website several days ago, but haven’t heard back, are you receiving those?

Sure, once we get closer we will open up for beta testers.


Sorry, I’ve been busy the past few days.

I replied with the two other motherboard options.

Down to the last 4 days, and the last $400.
I just kicked in $35. Need everyone’s help. Every $1 helps. (Please, no wooden nickels)…

Thanks @aaronouthier

Saw the email you sent about the mobile app - Very exciting! went over today to support it and I have comment re the indiegogo campaign. I was all set to sign up for the $30 get the app as part of the reward, but being in Canada the $15 shipping for the mousepad and stickers hurts a bit. I’d rather just put the $30 in your pocket for the app and not get a “reward” or just pay the $1 for shipping the stickers. $14 for a mousepad is a little heavy for me. Is it best for me to give the $10 donation and buy the app when you launch it?

Sure, that will work :slight_smile:

Sorry about the shipping…we might be able to find a cheaper shipping option.

Huh? I didn’t notice that the app was part of the $30 package. Wait, the app is going to be commercial?? Man!!!

The thing is, I don’t have any use for a mousepad or stickers. I have enough useless items laying around as it is…

@aaronouthier Yes, the app will be a commercial (paid) app. The price is not decided, but I imagine between $3 and $5.

However, it will be open source, so you could build the app yourself if you so desired.

If you donated towards the app you will receive the app (your pick, iOS or Android - or both) free.

Shipping to Canada is always prohibitively expensive in the case a $30 sponsorship would have cost me $45 with still only $30 to the effort. I only live 20 mins from the border and I can drive and pickup from a US for less then the incremental cost of shipping an extra 10 miles, and don’t even get me started on brokerage charges.

Dont worry about a cheaper shipping method. To show support I put the $10 on indigogo since its only a $1 shipping charge and I’ll gladly purchase the app when it comes out. While I very much appreciate the open source idealism I always willing to pay a reasonable price for a perpetual software license that I use. Especially when its not to corporate idealism. I wish more people respected that, it would make the opensource community that much stronger.

Hey Curtis another Idea for the sticker that occurred to me that would make it more “useful” is to add some verbiage around Premises Protected by Bluecherry or something similar. It does have the camera, but its not obvious of a deterrent as the sticker could be. I’d love as much as you for Bluecherry to be a household name, but were not quite there yet :wink:

Tell me which one you guys like :slight_smile:

Love the options thanks! 2 votes from the northern Canadian camp. Both my wife and I liked the 2nd (Davish) one best.
Her (the creative one) comments:
It need to be bold to complement and bring your attention away from the black lens, which is where you eye first goes to.
The wider character spacing doesn’t quite look right for some of the others.

My comments:
I suspect that the “clean” font will be easiest to read from the greatest distance and that its the most in your face image. aka highest deterrent score :slight_smile:

My plan is to put it on the corner of my front door/window like the ATD stickers of yesteryear :slight_smile:

How about this one? Little bit bolder then the other Davish.

Keep the gray (grey?) background or make it transparent (clear sticker)?

or this one…Danish v2

I like the extra bold its very slight but i can tell when they are next to each other and I get a few ft back from the screen. The character spacing is starting to get to the point where it starts to look a little funny. Not necessary and REALLY splitting hairs but if you can close the character gap while keeping the slighter larger/bolder font? (same overall width of “protected by” with the extra bold)

I would personally suggest against the transparent since that would limit to only being ideal on solid light color backgrounds. My thought as a window sticker would not do well being transparent.

I think the non shadowed Davish is a little more eye grabbing.

Hope you get some input from others as well :slight_smile: I’m only one semi-eccentric Canadian Engineer :slight_smile:

Yea, your right the wider spacing does look better - Sorry. This is why I’m an engineer and not graphic artist. :slight_smile: