Bluecherry mobile application is under development, here is how you can help!

On January 30, 2021 we officially started development of our iOS (iPhone / iPad) and Android mobile application. Changes in version 3 allowed us to get to a point that we were ready to start on the mobile application.

As always we have a goal to provide a smooth and intuitive experience on an open source platform to Bluecherry users. While we have enough funding to get started on the project, it may not be enough to grow at the rate we feel our users deserve.

Funding from this mobile application will go towards the mobile application and some work on the server side to add API support for motion detection notifications.

You can help support our mobile app development on Indiegogo! (Bluecherry - Mobile client | Indiegogo)

Do you need (want) beta testers? I’m not sure if I can contribute financially right now. Perhaps there are other ways to contribute?

I’d like to buy a server from you to help support development, but the model on indiegogo isn’t quite upgradable enough for my needs. I put in a ticket over on your website several days ago, but haven’t heard back, are you receiving those?

Sure, once we get closer we will open up for beta testers.


Sorry, I’ve been busy the past few days.

I replied with the two other motherboard options.