Bluecherry + GW Security 5080IP camera setup

Good day everyone:
Thank you in advance for your time. I am currently trying to setup bluecherry3 on a Ubuntu 20 system using GW Security 5080IP cameras. According to the manual, this camera supports ONVIF protocol.

On VLC, I am able to see the stream with the following:

However, when I manually setup the individual cameras(since auto discover IP cameras is not finding static IP GW security cameras), I am unable to see the livestream in bluecherry…

On bluecherry, the camera settings are:

The following is from the log:
Apr 17 15:25:00 video2-System-Product-Name bc-server[19727]: I(6/SideLot): Setting up device
Apr 17 15:25:03 video2-System-Product-Name bc-server[19727]: I(6/SideLot): Stream started: Video: h264 (High), yuvj420p(pc, bt709, progressive), 2592x1944, 1/90000(s) 1/180000©
Apr 17 15:25:03 video2-System-Product-Name bc-server[19727]: I(6/SideLot): Switching to new recording schedule ‘continuous’

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

Are you connecting remotely with the client or the web interface?

Are you on same network?

Hello Sir,

I am connecting directly via web interface and am on the same network.

I have tried downloading the client for OSX and was unsuccessful connecting.

Thank you - Mike

In the admin area, click on Settings. What do you see under ‘Performance/connectivity’? If you see a reference to /dev/render… try changing that to none.

You are a genius! Thank you!

Thanks. Do you have a internal GPU? Could you provide details on the GPU? i’m curious why our auto-detection failed.

Good Morning Sir,
I am using a ASUS Z390 motherboard with the graphics built in. I’m not sure why auto detect was not working?
Thank you