Bluecherry 3.1.0-rc4 VS Reolink RLC-510WA

General camera properties:
5MP, AAC audio, hardware motion detection

apt list | grep bluecher

bluecherry/hirsute,now 3:3.1.0-rc4 amd64 [установлен]

  1. Onvif. Default port of RLC - 8000, almost all ONVIF detectors can detect it, excluding bluecherry.
  2. Onvif. Device → Settings → Properties → [ONVIF port 8000], press “Probe and autoconfigure” - no configuration performed, port reset to 80
  3. Audio. Camera can provide audio stream. AAC 16000, as i know. Bluecherry cannot handle it

Initializing muxer for rtp streaming failed

  1. VAAPI, when activated, no video from substream in live view or motion-detection zone setup
  2. Onvif. HW motion detection cannot work with bluecherry (possible bug of Reolink)

For now:
Camera configured manually, without sound, without VAAPI.
Test in progress.

Thanks. We are reworking the onvif auto-detection, this should be fixed in rc5 or rc6.


Good afternoon!
It run for 24 hour, generally it can work. Without VAAPI and sound.

Problem 1 (sound) is:
General problem with sound in bluecherry, or problem with bitrate of sound (16), in main stream and substream.
Most of RTSP players, including VLC, are not confused by Reolink’s sound.
Another topic about “Initializing muxer for rtp streaming failed” exists.

Problem 2 (VAAPI) is:
Very very very old server hardware.
CPU: AMD A8-7600 Radeon R7 4C+6G (4) @ 3.100GHz
GPU: AMD ATI Radeon R7 Graphics
Looks like it not compatible, but “Auto” setting of VAAPI can’t handle it.