BC 3.0 + motion Detection question

Hi all,

I’ve been trying out motion detection to save space for after hours; For settings I’m using:

Pre-event buffer 10 (upped from default due to issue 2 - didn’t fix)
Post Event buffer 20 (upped from default due to issue 2 - didn’t fix)
Algorithm Experimental
Frame downscale .5
min Motion area 5%

I’ve come across two issues -

  1. the sensitivity grid, which is supposed to show an image in the background is showing the broken picture icon (doing this for both Hikvision and Amcrest cameras). currently I just have the whole frame set for Average since I can’t tell where to paint without a still from the camera feed.

  2. When motion is triggered, it isn’t recording footage smoothly. All of my cameras are set at H264, 2688x1520, 15fps, VBR max 4096 Kbps, frame interval 30. Right now I’ve had to turn off motion and just do continuous recording on all cameras since the footage would get a couple frames in a second then pause for a second or more then a few more stuttering frames. Increasing the pre/post buffer helped but didn’t resolve the issue. Do I need to change the frame interval or switch from VBR to CBR for better results? Or is it something the server isn’t handling well? If I do continuous recording, the video is smooth as expected.

Are you using VAAPI? If so, try disabling it (Settings -> General settings -> Performance).

Sorry I didn’t respond earlier - thanks for this, I didn’t even realize I had switched it on. Turned it off - with only a couple cameras running motion detect it seems to work like I’d expect, but when all 30 are on MD, the footage is… weird - like it records for 2 seconds, then pauses for 2 seconds, then records for 2 seconds, etc. - except in one large file. Like I’m looking at one now that is 1min 52sec total length, but it’s in that 2 second video, 2 second pause routine.