Base level full OS&DVR install disk image?


Years ago under the DVR 2.0 server there was an install image you could download that would install the Ubuntu and the DVR server all in one install disk. Not sure how much work and how hard it is to create such a install disk image, but it would be nice to have such a install disk image that one could burn a CD or DVD or create a bookable USB stick or just the disk image file for using in a VM environment.
I understand you are getting things ready for the 3.1.0-rc7 or what ever next version after to be ready to run on Ubuntu 22.04. Would it be possible to create a special full install media image that has the Ubuntu 22.04, all required dependencies as well as the 3.1.0-rc7 or what ever version of a stable base version of the DVR server that will from start to finish install the Ubuntu and the DVR server? Not that one needs to be made for each version of the DVR server, but just for certain DVR versions that can be used as a base load and then update from there?

Just an idea or thought. We take Internet connection for granted and assume our connection will always be there when needed or the site to download from will be up and running when we need to install / re-install. But encase Skynet happens to take it down, always nice to have the good old, old school install media.

Chad P.