Backup just DVR config settings and maybe license?


I have looked over posts and seen some on the topic of backup.
I am not wanting to backup the data base and or the recordings. I am looking to just back up all my camera settings / configs and the DVR license. In the event I loose the who server or right now I am looking to move the DVR from Physical to a VM machine.

What are the specific files I would need to manually download and copy, and copy over to a new install of the DVR instant to retain all my camera and server config settings? Or is this part of the DB backup?
I glanced at the topics on the DVR manual and did not see anything jumping out at me.

Chad P

You would need /etc/bluecherry.conf and a mysqldump of Bluecherry.Devices and Bluecherry.Licenses. If you have multiple users you would want to backup Bluecherry.Users