Ajax Error adding Camera

I’m kicking the tires on bluecherry and adding a few axis cameras. I was trying to add an Axis P1435-LE which isn’t listed so I selected "P SERIES’ and enter name, IP, account, and password. I selected the onvif probe option which populated rtsp, etc values. When I tried to save the camera, I received an error stating Ajax Err. The bluecherry-error.log had the following line in it.

[Wed Mar 17 00:56:40.946013 2021] [php7:error] [pid 870] [client] PHP Fatal error:  Data too long for column 'model' at row 1 query:INSERT INTO Devices (device_name, protocol, device, driver, rtsp_username, rtsp_password, resolutionX, resolutionY, mjpeg_path, model, rtsp_rtp_prefer_tcp, onvif_port,substream_path) VALUES ('West Drive', 'IP-RTSP', '|554|/onvif-media/media.amp?profile=profile_1_h264&sessiontimeout=60&streamtype=unicast', '', 'web09', 'bluecherry1', 640, 480, '|80|/axis-cgi/mjpg/video.cgi', 'Axis%20Communications - recATJa76CKZrIbde', 1, 80,'|554|/onvif-media/media.amp?profile=profile_1_jpeg&sessiontimeout=60&streamtype=unicast') in /usr/share/bluecherry/www/lib/lib.php on line 225, referer: https://web09.watsons.local:7001/addip

It appears that the ‘Axis%20Communications - recATJa76CKZrIbde’ value is too large for the model field.

Also, the camera model names weren’t in any order.

This test setup is running Ubuntu Server 20.04 on a VM. Installed Bluecherry v3.04 from the one-liner install.

I did add another camera before this one without issue but it was a different model Axis.

Any quick fixes suggested so I can continue evaluating?

Thanks. For now here are two options for a quick fix:

1 - Add this camera and a ‘generic’ camera and fill in the RTSP paths.


2 - modify the mysql table. You can get the password from /etc/bluecherry.conf if you don’t recall it.

    mysql -u bluecherry -ppassword bluecherry
    ALTER TABLE Devices MODIFY model VARCHAR(50);

I agree the ‘cached’ list is out of order. You can select General Settings → List source → Live which will show the manufacturers ordered correctly.

I changed ‘Axis Communications’ to ‘Axis’ for a temporary fix, however the CDN has the source cached for a few more hours.