Adding Cameras - HikVision

How can I find the Path to RTSP?
It’s a HikVision T24F6.

You can try:


That doesn’t seem to do it.
Don’t mind explorer, it seems the camera’s viewer likes it better. The same Bluecherry result is on the other browsers.
The port is 554, according to the camera’s config.

I’ve tried enter admin and the admin password as well as the ONVIF (?) user I created.

Edit: I think the admin user is the proper account.
Edit 2: BC Log: Sep 16 03:07:51 vms bc-server[1670]: I(1/CAM001-T6): Stream started: Video: h264 (Main), yuvj420p(pc, bt709), 2560x1440, 1/90000(s) 1/40(c)

Got it!
It was the ONVIF user that was needed after all.