Accessing the video files

What is the correct way to access the video files in a file explore?

I have Bluecherry server installed in a docker container, I have successfully added the volume inside docker by editing the docker-compose.yml file.

My video files are showing up in the correct place but I am unable to access them, they show up with a orange padlock symbol.

I can change that owner and group of the folder and all the files in it, but any new files that are written to it show up with the orange padlock.

What is the correct way to configure the folders permissions so that BC server can write to them and that I can access the files?

What is the current ownership of the video file inside the bluecherry-docker folder? Is it owned by docker or root?


Okay, I need to test on a docker install and I’ll give you a command to use to give you permission to the video files.

Try this, the first command obtains your username

sudo usermod -aG systemd-journal usernamehere
sudo usermod -aG docker usernamehere

Then log out and log back in and see if you can access the videos