A channel just for I.P. camera settings / discussion?


I was looking over the topics or channels, and did not see one jump out that appeared to be more focused for just I.P. Cameras. Is there a section where one can discuss cameras, list camera settings and specifications of the many brands and models of I.P. cameras?

I don’t know if there would be enough interest or discussion or posting of camera information where it might be good to have a topic channel where people can post about the various I.P. cameras they are using and any technical detail about the specific cameras / brands, and needed info to help one make it work or configure for the DVR server. I try to make a habit when buying cheep Chinese I.P. cameras from Amazon to ask specifics and I also write reviews and make note that the camera works with Bluecherry DVR.

Any thoughts? Else with the current topic channels already created, which current channel is best to post such info to?