3.1.0 to 3.0.9 downgrade

How can i easily downgrade my 3.1.0-rc6 installation to 3.0.9?
How can i find and download that previous version?

We are non-profit wildlife rescue center, and unfortunately do not have the funds to purchase a license (cameras are installed in the enclosures with the animals and the surrounding area), with all due respect to the work you have done, obviously, we have to stay on the free version.


I’m not sure there is an easy way to do this, but I’m no expert.
If you’re looking for free, check out/look up motioneye. Be warned, though. They don’t have nearly the features of BlueCherry. It’s rather no-frills and simplistic. No GPU accelleration, no onvif support. It supports USB webcams, as well as Network cameras. Also, it records & streams in mjpeg - not nearly as efficient as h.264 or h.265 .

Also, the original developer has left the project as of June 2020. There is recently a new team of developers, but there is much to be updated and tested after the 2 year hiatus where no development was done. As a result, the latest stable version is also from June 2020, but there will eventually be an updated version

For testing purposes, I have one installed in my Proxmox system.

You could try doing a backup from within bluecherry, and then restoring to a fresh install of 3.0.9, but no guarantees it will work.

The main problem is that I can’t find where to download this version of the program. So I would really like to get an answer from the author.
Curtishall please help

How many cameras do you plan to have?

At the moment there are 18, probably will be 24. In some aviaries there are three cameras in each, because otherwise we cannot see the whole area, the shelters or nests

@curtishall So, could you please provide a link to download the distribution package version 3.0.9 here or in direct message? Thanks!

I sent you a message with a free license.

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