3.1.0 RC1 compile fails on Ubuntu 20.04 VM

rc1.log (27.3 KB)
Log attached. Seems to fail trying to find onvif-tool?

This is on a Proxmox LXC container. I may try again using a real VM.

For now run this command:

(Make sure you are in the bluecherry-apps source repo

curl -o utils/onvif_tool http://lizard.bluecherry.net/~curt/onvif_tool

We recently added the onvif_tool as a git submodule but need to update the code to start the build process

Thanks. Trying it now.
FWIW, the only reason I’m trying to compile by hand is that I couldn’t find a precompiled version. Perhaps I missed it? I’m thinking not, but it’s possible.

3.1.0-rc1 isn’t built yet, we ran into some last minute issues with HLS web streaming. it should be fixed this week and builds provided then.

Ok. Also, on 2 different test environments (one container and one VM), everything builds and installs. Everything appears to run, however, connecting to the ip address on port 7001 gives me an http 502 error after confirming the https cert.