2 of 4 Generic Cameras Issue cannot start recording after restart

Bluecherry DVR Version: 3.0.0

i power off some of my cameras and when turn them back on like 10 mins later being getting a lot of errors like
i got 2 of my 4 working
one is using h.265 and the other is using h.264
one of the two cameras that are not recording or can not start recording
is the same as the one that is recording
all 4 camera generic

i have delete all my cameras and re add them
ATM i got 3 of the 4 working

Oct 20 14:20:38 cctv bc-server[9245]: E(16/ Cannot start recording!
Oct 20 14:20:48 cctv bc-server[9245]: E(16/ Failed to init muxer for output file /var/lib/bluecherry/recordings/2019/10/20/000016/14-20-47.mkv: Invalid data found when processing input (-1094995529)
Oct 20 14:20:48 cctv bc-server[9245]: E(16/ Cannot start recording!
Oct 20 14:20:57 cctv bc-server[9245]: I(16/ Applying configuration changes
Oct 20 14:20:58 cctv bc-server[9245]: I(16/ Device stopped: configuration changed
Oct 20 14:21:05 cctv bc-server[9245]: I(16/ Setting up device
Oct 20 14:21:07 cctv bc-server[9245]: I(16/ Stream started: Video: h264 (Main), yuv420p(progressive), 2304x1296, 1/90000(s) 1/50©
Oct 20 14:21:07 cctv bc-server[9245]: I(16/ Switching to new recording schedule ‘continuous’

as you can see if the screen shot i got video from all 4 , but one is not recording

Thinking of dropping down to like 2.8.5 and using h.264
to see if all 4 of my Cameras work again

**edit **

i added the another camera same as the .179 ( the one is not working)
i change the IP address to match that camera , it worked, than i change it over back to .179 address and it working now … recording … like WTF

the problem i have is like i power goes out … than how many of my cameras after the power comes back on will start to record again without me having to play around with them

the bluecherry host is on a UPS but its got like 60 mins give or take

the camera them self are on a doss 16 way 12v dc 16a power supply with UPS pfc surge protection

Just curious for recreating your problem…where did you get version 3.0 from?

@Darkyputz download from github the source code and compile it
than install the package

Just compiled 3.0 myself and was not even able to install it on top of 2.8.8…
Prob should have compiled on jessy and not ubuntu 14…

im using ubuntu 18.04.02 LTS release

but i try the older release from the installer script itself
all 4 camera works only in h.264 but its will do
if i can not work out what is happening with the lastest code release / compile job

Which version is that in the installer script?
I would have a working 2.8.8.deb file for jessy…

opps sorry its Version: 2.8.7

# Install Bluecherry on Ubuntu (LTS version) and Debian 
 sudo bash -c "$(wget -O - https://dl.bluecherrydvr.com/scripts/install)"  

Jup…had that before, but support asked me to test the 2.8.8 which works flawless on my Readynas…
Was not able to reproduce your issue…but will compile 3.0 on my jessy later today…my testing device is out of order right now…

We do not currently support H.265, make sure the cameras are set at H.264 and see if that resolves the problem with the H.265 camera


just about to do that , drop down to h.264 and ver 2.8.6, and
wait to there is a new release package

95% of the time
the h.265 works well
from the github source code

Sounds good. We are working on v3 now, you can help support us on Patreon!