Live stream not working on iOS client

Change into the ‘bluecherry-docker’ directory, then run this command, change the country name and city from the list above.

You may want to go into your Bluecherry licenses and click ‘Deactivate’…sometimes 'downin’g a container may cause license conflicts.

docker exec -it bc-server date
sed -i '/^TZ=/s/$/America\/Chicago/' .env
docker compose down
docker compose up -d
docker exec -it bc-server date

The first time you run ‘date’ you should see UTC time…the second time after running docker down and docker up you should see the correct timezone.

I am on iOS 17, and the app is useless now on my iPhone. I have to hit Reload Camera every single time I am in the app. If I select the 4 option, the screen goes like a beige color and the only way to get back is to delete the app and reinstall it.

This is an unexpected bug in beta 12. It should be resolved soon.

Please install TestFlight from the Apple App Store and use this URL to test beta13

What URL are you referring to?

This URL?