iOS Bluecherry 4 and 6 Camera Feed shows blank screen

The issue: Bluecherry iOS App isn’t showing the 4 or 6 camera live view feeds. It works in the 1 or 2 camera camera view until I click the option to view either the 4 or 6 layout. The issue is after doing this and even quitting the app and re-opening it just loads up to the blank screen and I have no way of getting back to a 1 or 2 camera view without uninstalling and re-installing.

Troubleshooting, uninstalled and re-installed the app, re-added server and attempted to go to 4 and 6 camera live view displays. After going to this and quitting and re-launching app it’s just a white screen. Also tried skipping the setup on the app and went to the 4 and 6 camera view and it also did the same thing without being connected to a server.

Extra: I can still swipe in from the left and view timeline, events etc, just can’t get the 4 or 6 camera views or any of the live feeds to work until I uninstall and re-install the app.

I’m running an iOS 16.7, iPhone 13 and the Bluecherry app, latest from App Store. Server version - Version: 3.1.0-rc8.

Not sure if it was you that enabled my TestFlight but I confirm it works now with your latest TestFlight release as mentioned in this forum post.

Thanks for testing, we will push this out to the general App Store release